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build racing seat

    racing seat

  • Racing seat provides more stability and support for drivers than normal factory seats. It holds the driver in a fixed position in the car or cockpit, allowing maximum concentration and feedback through the steering wheel.


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build racing seat – Regular Xlerator

Regular Xlerator Wheel Stand W/Microsoft Xbox 360 Adapter
Regular Xlerator Wheel Stand W/Microsoft Xbox 360 Adapter
This sale is for a Regular Xlerator Wheel Stand with the Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel Adapter included. There is no steering wheel included is this sale. Please note this stand will not work with any of the Madcatz wheels for Xbox 360. The Xlerator Wheel Stand is a metal stand that holds video game steering wheels in a comfortable and stable driving position. It can be used in your living room with your existing furniture like a sofa, chair or recliner. When done racing, it stands on a leg that keeps it upright making it easy to get out of chair, and to store in a corner or closet. This complete package comes with Regular stand and the adapter to mount the Microsoft Xbox 360 Steering Wheel to the stand. Comes with all the bolts to complete installation. Stand is made from sturdy 1 and 7/8 inch 16ga welded steel tubing and 16ga sheet steel. Gloss black powder coated for a durable lasting finish. Quality rubber tips keep stand in place and protect furniture. This unique design mates the steering wheel and the pedals as a unit making it very stable, comfortable to drive and no pole between your legs. Adjustable telescoping neck adjusts to different leg lengths. Pedal pan adjusts up and down to get good angle on the pedals. This video game racing wheel stand is very easy to use and set up, very sturdy and stable, and very storable, making the Xlerator Wheel Stand a great value. Many that have purchased this stand and adapter say it is the best setup they have used for the Xbox Steering Wheel. The Xlerator Wheel Stand will help you take your driving video games to the next level. This is a great set up for the Xbox 360 Forza Motorsports 2 and 3, and other Xbox 360 Driving games that support the Wireless Wheel. This stand will also work with the clamp type Logitech Steering Wheels. The Regular stand is for people up to 6’4″ and 220 lbs. please see the Big Boy Stand if you are larger.

Sarawak State Legislative Assembly Building ~ Sarawak (Borneo), Malaysia

Sarawak State Legislative Assembly Building ~ Sarawak (Borneo), Malaysia
The New Sarawak State Legislative Assembly Building (Malay: Bangunan Dewan Undangan Negeri Sarawak Baru) is the current state legislative complex, where assemblymen from all over the state will meet and preside over debates and passing of laws.

The complex is located near Sarawak River in Kuching, Sarawak (Borneo), Malaysia.

It is located next to The Astana, which is the official residence of the Yang di-Pertua Negeri (Governor) of Sarawak.

The architecture of the new complex combines unique elements of Sarawak’s heritage with state-of-the-art intelligent building automation systems, multimedia communication facilities, and environmentally-friendly features.

The new complex development covers and area measuring 172 acres.

The new chamber can hold up to 108 members, each with their own office. It also has 142 seats for civil servants, 86 in the VIP gallery and 106 in the public gallery.

It is also a depiction of the state’s struggles and achievements over the years after gaining independence through the formation of Malaysia and as a multi-racial society.

Reinforced by nine gigantic pillars and numerous arches, the building reflects the sovereignty of the people’s power as well as the support of all the races in the state.

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Drag, Jet & Race Cars Gallery:017

Drag, Jet & Race Cars Gallery:017
This 24 karot gold plated jet car was owned by a guy named big John Fattori in Southern California. Built at Thrust Racing by jet car wizard Jerry Segal. I was with Jerry at Palmdale the night Segal almost lost his life and big John lost his jet car. This was the time when the smaller lighter Westinghouse j85 powered cars were getting to be the fastest of the breed. Segal believed he could stay competitive with the older heavier j34. Well, Jerry weighed about 110lbs and 70lbs of that must be balls cause that dude was fearless. He took out most of the down force angle of the jet engine (angling the engine down in the front keeps these things from going airborne) and drove it out the back door going at least 310mph, pulled the (too big) parachutes and the back of the car ripped off sending Segal off the end of the track flipping 13 times. I drove the chase truck so I was the first one to Jerry. Honestly, I didn’t want to get out of the truck cause I knew he was in pieces splattered everywhere. To my surprise he was still in the driver seat uninjured, a testament to his design. Jerry is a brilliant fabricator.

build racing seat

Gyroxus Full-Motion Control Video Game Chair with XBOX 360 Controller
Up until now, there’s been only sit-on-the-couch, twiddle-your-thumbs video gaming, but now there’s Gyroxus Full-Motion gaming – and from here on out, it’s a whole new world! By combining a familiar hand-held game controller with an innovative motion system that uses no motors or power-assist of any kind, Gyroxus takes you into your favorite game as never before. Now all the action is at your complete command. Gyroxus matches everything that’s happening within those racing, sports, flying and combat games with a full-motion interface that brings them all alive. And Gyroxus makes team playing a real sport! And best of all, the only power source is you. The natural, intuitive feel of Gyroxus makes everyone – from first time gamers and returning Pac-Man veterans to the best gamer on the block – a better player. Quicker learning curves, better connection with gaming content and that all important full-motion feel make Gyroxus right for all ages. Features: – Comes with customized game controller. – Comfortable seat with backrest and elevated footrest. – Adjustable seatback and control arm allow you to play in your favorite position. – Sturdy, compact design. – Weighs only 42 lbs. – Plays in 3-foot by 5-foot space. – Stores in a 2-foot square. – Environmentally friendly. – No energy consumption (except yours). – And, yes, it does burn calories. – Assembles in a few simple steps. – No tools required. – No motors or power cords.